Wharehouse District

Caravan/Docks/Warehouse District (1)

Medium warehouses dot the shoreline at the docks, where shipped goods are stored during the night. Larger storehouses for grain and foodstuffs are further from the shore and nearer the caravan area. The paved parts of the district are filled with brightly painted wagons. The wagons are either covered with seals of traveling merchants or the bright colors of the traveling gypsy tribes. By day the docks are alive with streams of merchants, merchant guards, sailors, dock workers, and caravan leaders all about their respective trades.

Come night fall the activity at the docks close and the warehouses are under light guard. The caravan area is dotted with campfires and the feverish sounds of exotic music and dancing pouring from each caravan. the locals keep their children from joining the festivities, out of fear that the gypsies will “steal” them.

Less reputable goods can sometimes be procured in private among the wagons at night.

Wharehouse District

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