Religious and Civic District

Religious and Civic District (4)

This district is where you will find civil servants, clerics, devotees, acolytes, paladins, and many more people of religious devotion.

Temples to Corellon and Erathis set on either side of the large temple to Pelor. The Pelor temple is the home of the prime minister, Henrich Needlemier. The common goings ons of the city are managed by the civil servants under the guidance of the Prime Minister and the Crown Prince. What few poor and homeless there are in Enstad are sheltered and given alms at the temple of Pelor.

All of the temples are alabaster white with large open courtyards on all sides. The Corellon and Erathis temples have matching silver lined roofs, where the Pelorian temple has a gilded dome.

All races are welcome in the religious and civic district. Followers of other deities (non evil) might find small shrines to their gods in the religious district. Although there are many more shrines to the deities of nature in the Park District.

Religious and Civic District

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