Enstad is an adventurer friendly trade town. Adventurers are never wont for work in the kingdom of Celene due to the plentiful savageries that border the kingdom on most sides.

Though the city’s population is small, the numerous inns are always busting with patrons. The students from the Academy outnumber the local townsfolk nearly 2 to 1. So the city seems to be packed with people, from adventurer to merchant to common traveler.

Owing to the guidance of the Prime Minister and the code of conduct at the Academy, Enstad has peace between the races.

The city is broken into districts: 1) Caravan/Docks/Wharehouse District, 2) Residential District, 3) Open Market District, 4) Religious and Civic District, 5) Lord’s Keep, 6) Academic District, 7) The Guild Hall District, 8) Inn and Tavern District, and 9) Park District. See the map


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