Proper name: The Kingdom of Celene

Ruler: Crown Prince Ja’rel Silverarrow

Government: Hereditary monarchy with Pelor prime minister (Henrich Needlemier)

Cities: Enstad, Courwood, Safeton, Narwell

Resources: Produce foodstuffs, cloth, silver, fine wine and spirits

Population: 10,000 citizens (20,000 city-goers). Humans 65%, Half-Elves 10%, Halflings 8%, Gnomes 6%, Dwarves 3%, Eldrin 3%, Elf 2%, Half-Orcs 2%, Dragonborn (Kron Clan) 1%

Alignment: Good

Allies: The Duchy of Ulek, The Elves and Gnomes of Welkwood, The Elves of Suss Forest, The Eladrin and Gnomes of Gnarly Forest, The Dragonborn of Kron Hills, The Dwarves of Lortmil Mountains, The free city of Greyhawk, The Knights of Veluna.

Enemies: The Empire of the Bright Lands, The Orcish Empire of Tomarj (not currently in active conflict)

The kingdom of Celene was once run by arrogant Humans and after many years of bloody war with the Fey (Eladrin, Elves, and Gnomes) peace was brought by the marriage, arranged by the clerics of Pelor, of the Crown Prince to an Elven maiden. Since that time, the country of Celene has prospered and made allies with all of its neighboring countries save the Bright Lands. Every Third generation the Crown Prince enters into an arranged marriage with an Elven maiden to reaffirm the peace ties between the Humans and the Feywild.

The kingdom is flanked on the west by the Lortmil Mountains, on the north by the Kron Hills, on the east by the Gnarley Forest and Welkwood, and on the south by the city of Courwood.


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