Academy of Adventure Instruction

This multi-storied building is filled with the realm’s up and coming heroes of epic tales and destiny. The academy was originally founded, in what was then a small trader’s wayside and now the bustling Capitol city of Celene, Enstad. The Academy’s original instructors were some of the lands most renowned heroes of all time, The Emerald Four: Krudgle the Crusher of Evil, Myladria of the Fiery Hands, Dinkle Lightfoot the Silent, and Gilly the Valorous Hand of Good.

These adventurers attempted to retire when they had grown tired of crawling through dungeons and storming fortresses. But their fame brought the attention of many people, who aspired to become great heroes themselves. Many would be adventurers claimed to have trained with these illustrious heroes, even though they had not. The tales grew and grew until youths, who desired a life of fortune and glory, sought out the Emerald Four and would not take “No!” for an answer. So rather unwillingly the Academy of Adventure Instruction was born.

As the word spread that the Emerald Four had taken on apprentices, every child, adult, and elder who had ever dreamed came to either apprentice themselves, or to simply meet the new adventurers whose names may, or may not, go down in the written Histories. The sheer number of “novices” grew very rapidly, so rapidly in fact that the Emerald Four recruited other adventurers they had met in their campaigns to aid them in their instructions.

Time passed, permanent structures were built in the hollow that surrounded the traders village, and the City began to take shape. Since that time, new “novices” are inducted into the Academy every year and train until they are given their graduation “exam,” a minor adventure to allow them to prove their abilities as individuals and as a member of a party. Although the exams are at the level that the novices should succeed, there have been plenty of failed attempts, and even casualties. For the life of the adventurer is a life of danger and hardship, and many students learn the lesson the hard way, death.

Academy of Adventure Instruction

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