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    h1. The Adventure Begins! Five adventurers: [[:46071 | Pronat]], bq). [[:qrl | Qrl]], Plum, Kac, and [[:46213 | Turviel]]; fresh from their training at the [[Academy of Adventure Instruction]] in the city of [[Enstad]] in the Kingdom of [[Celene]] …

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    *Proper name:* The Kingdom of Celene *Ruler:* [[:46084 | Crown Prince Ja'rel Silverarrow]] *Government:* Hereditary monarchy with Pelor prime minister ([[:46085 | Henrich Needlemier]]) *Cities:* [[Enstad]], [[Courwood]], Safeton, Narwell * …

  • Ja'rel Silverarrow

    Crown Prince Ja'rel Silverarrow is the 5^th^ generation of kings, and will presently be engaged to an Elf from Welkwood or Suss Forest. The kingdom's pact with the Elves requires marriage to a chosen Elf to maintain the long-established pact of peace.