From a start in Celene

Kobold Pirates

Two Merchant guilds are having their supply routes along the Handmaiden river plundered by Kobolds. Brickstellar to the North, and Glinthand to the South. The party chose North as they had just come from the North and were suspicious these Kobolds might be linked to the Cult of Bain.

The Koblods used a balista to drive anchors into the passing vessel, holding it in place while they slung bullets at the crewmen and party. Kobolds swam to the boat and were easily defeated. The Kobolds on shore were more elusive but were brought down by use of ranged weapons/spells and by Qrl’s daring tightrope run across the Kobolds anchor lines which allowed him to fall the remaining enemies.

The group followed the Kobold tracks back to a a cave which proved to be a hold up for a Dragonborn cleric of Tiamat. The cave was well protected by Kobold Dragon Shields. The cleric had been embued with divine wings that alternated through the colors of the chromatic dragons, symbolizing his devotion to Tiamat. After storming the hold and vanquishing the enemies, the party found a good amount of loot, and returned to Enstad



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