From a start in Celene

Helping the Fieldmen's Guild

Helping the Fieldmen's Guild

After defeating the Kobold’s and returning to Enstad, the party elected to postpone heading south to defeat the Kobold’s who were pillaging the Glinthand Guild and who had already claimed 3 other adventuring parties.

They chose instead to investigate what was causing the disappearance of local Shepherds and their flocks from the grazing fields on the west bank of the Handmaiden River. After meeting with the “Head Counter” of the Fieldmen’s Guild, Emol Sheurer, they escorted a group of shepherds and their flock across the river to serve as guards and attempt to ambush any would be attackers.

After a brief battle with some hobgoblins and near loss of one of the shepherds, the party tracked the creatures tracks to their hideout. They found some of the sheep that had disappeared, and were attacked several times by small waves of Hobgoblins.

Several skirmishes later, the party found themselves in a Temple of Bane with fresh blood still on the alter. They found a layout of underground tunnels that supposedly were under the Academy. The maps were in three parts and not labeled.

Upon further investigation they were attacked in the long hallway by several Hobgoblin Soldiers and a powerful Warcaster. After a quick but bloody battle on both sides, the party defeated the remaining Hobgoblins and found a huge room filled with empty bunks. The part also found the bed of the Warcaster and a Magic Orb (+2). In the corner of the room they found the remains of the shepherds. By the look of the remains they had most likely been sacrificed and then eaten by the Hobgoblins.



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