From a start in Celene

Cult of Bane

Who likes an evil conquering God? Not us!

A threat to the Adventuring Academy has been uncovered!

After successfully completing our graduation exam by killing and routing the goblins who were raiding merchant wearhouses, the adventuring party returns to the academy with one goblin in tow as prisoner. Mistress Heket is pleased and promises to meet later and reveal anything that the goblin confesses. The party heads to the Brightly Plumed Pheasant to watch feather dancers and feast in celebration of their graduation and good fortune. Later Mistress Heket appears and reveals bad tidings for the Adventuring Academy.

“The group of thieving goblins were chosen by a cult of Bane which is primarily made up of other goblins. Their task was to gain arms to launch an attack on the Adventuring Academy. The goblin boasted that ‘Younglings are sure to die because they have been bred to be conquered by the God of Conquest.’ After some coercion, the prisoner revealed that the location of the cult is north towards the Kron Hills, and halfway there turn towards the Lortmil Mountains. The cult is on the steepest cliff face.”

And so the brave adventurers make preparations to travel to the cult location and deal with this emerging threat…

After each recieving 1 gold piece from Mistress Heket for our troubles, we set off north towards the Kron Hills. Pronat is from this area, and was familiar with the area. When we arrived, we found that the steepest portion of the cliff face is tiered- there is a top tier and a middle tier which has multiple deep-looking cave openings. It was decided that rather than simply climbing the mountain and possibly announcing our presence to the cult members prematurely, we should travel further north and climb to the top tier of the cliff, then climb down in an effort to be somewhat more stealthy. Miraculously, no party members fell to their doom while climbing up or down the dliff face.

When at last we descended to the section of cliff with the numerous cave openings, Qrl, our most stealthy party member, volunteered to quietly look into the caves to determine the lay of the land. Unfortunately, his presence was detected and 3 large goblins and 5 minion-looking goblins rushed from the cave to attack us. Within 6 seconds, all of the small goblins were killed, leaving the three large and tough looking goblins. One of these was cleverly pushed from the cliff face and died with a satisfying thwack! as his body hit the ground far below.

Pronat was badly skewered in the arm by one of the remaining goblins, but after a long and very bloody battle, our party prevailed. 7 gold was found on the bodies of the fallen goblins, although the goblin that was pushed from the cliff face was not searched.


I wonder if the goblin at the bottom of the cliff had some sort of clue.

Jesus, I hope not.

Cult of Bane

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