From a start in Celene

Graduation Exam

goblins, badgers and rats- oh my!

To graduate, we must complete our first quest!

In order to graduate from the Adventurer’s academy, the brave adventurers Qrl (human rogue), Plum (gnome bard), Kac (race challenged warden), Pronat (dragonborn chaos sorceror) and Turviel (elf druid) have been assigned a task by Mistress Heket, the stealth instructor at the academy.

“There had been reports of a rat infestation in grain silos (not uncommon at this time of year), but also minor burgalries of goods warehouses in the vicinity of the rat infestation. Your charge is to investigate the warehouses and silos, eradicate all the rats, track the criminals to their hideout, and bring them to justice- alive or dead.”

And thus begins our adventure…

We set off towards the warehouse district of the city. Qrl, whose family are traveling merchants, did not know any of the warehouse employees, but recognized a dock worker who was passing through. The dock worker informed us that the warehouses are owned by three main merchants: The bricksellers (emblem= brickwall), who deal in lasting goods like leather and steele, the spinners (emblem= spider web), who deal in foreign textiles but are very rarely seen and only come out at night, and lastly, glinthand goods (emblem = GHG) who deal in common goods.

Beside these three warehouses, there were several grain silos. Rats were heard scurrying in the first silo, so we bravely entered. The silo contained several pallets stacked with hundreds of pounds of grain. A large rat was found that was killed after it bit Plum. Under the pallet where the rat was, we discovered a crawlspace that lead to the sewers. Miraculously, we all were able to descend into the fetid, stinking waters without futher incident or harm.

Once in the sewers, a secret door was spotted in the side of the sewer tunnel, which lead to a large number of rats and a hallway. the first door off the hallway contained a dead body of an adventurer. We looted the body, figuring that at this point, the poor adventurer wasn’t using his club, medium sized leather armor or 9 gold pieces.

However, in our post-loot glee, Turviel did not notice a sneaky goblin appear and stab him in the ribs. Turviel turned into a badger (as he is known to do when startled) scratched at the goblin, and then retreated to heal whilst the rest of the party thouroughly killed him. Sneaky-no-more goblin was then looted of his 6 gold pieces, black leather armor (size small), and very nicely made short sword. The nice short sword was claimed by Qrl, and had the brickseller stamp on it. In the room with the goblin, there was also a backpack with fresh produce in it. It was speculated that sneaky-no-more goblin might have been a vegan.

Down the hall, we found three more goblins. Two goblins were slayed but Plum, our fearless and charismatic leader, wished to keep the third alive for questioning. Since none of us speak goblin, this will have to be accomplished at some other time. In the meantime, goblin three is unconscious, and the other two dead goblins were looted of two sets of small leather armor, one set of small chainmail armor with the brickseller stamp, one battleaxe which Kac took, two short swords and 25 gold pieces.

A final secret door was located and opened by Turviel, who then immediately fell into a spiked pit trap. Inside this room was loot, which ended up being 2 healing potions, 30 gold pieces, and a small box without markings which contained two pieces of flint. The flint pieces are Hunter’s Flint, which are a wonderous item, described further on page 173 of the Adventurer’s Vault.

The night ended with us each receiving 202XP each, and 11 gold pieces. *

Still to be sold, assigned or dealt with: 1 club

1 medium sized leather armor

1 small sized black leather armor

1 backpack with produce

2 small sized leather armors

1 small sized chainmail (BS)

2 short swords

2 healing potions

Hunter’s Flint

Note: Qrl took the the brickseller short sword off of sneaky-no-more goblin, and Kac took the battle axe from one of the goblins.


Can I call dibs on one of the healing potions?

Graduation Exam

I have no issue with it- generally speaking, I think healing potions should either be kept on those who tend to need them most, or those who tend to end up healing people the most, until such time as everyone can afford multiple ones.

but that is me. since i tend to be pretty beefy in this campaign, I have no issue with you taking one- you and Qrl have such low ACs, that you will probably need them most.

Graduation Exam

by my estimation, if we sell all of this, including the nice chain mail, but not the healing potions or flint, we would each get 6 gold and 5 silver. Or, in gnomish terms, enough for one feast each with some very small spending money left over.

Graduation Exam

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